Monthly Arabic Conversation Sessions

ALCASA Arts Workshop, July 2017ALCASA’s monthly conversation sessions accommodate for a range of Arabic conversation skills. Participants work in small groups according to Arabic skills levels. With the help of native-speaker volunteers, all participants have the opportunity to engage in informal interactions in Arabic around topics relevant to the group members. Note: this is not an Arabic class; participants come together to review/maintain/expand skills they already have.

ALCASA Children’s Group  (4 to 12 years old)

Children attend a monthly meeting, with at least one parent or guardian. They are provided with the opportunity to use Arabic while engaging in a short story reading time,  playing, singing, creating and participating in educational workshops. It is a requirement that at least one parent/guardian remains at all times with their child (children) as the purpose of the group is to encourage interaction in Arabic within each family.

In 2018, the monthly children’s sessions are usually from 1:30 to 3:30 pm in a family friendly venue featuring covered outdoor play areas and well equipped playground. The sessions include afternoon tea time  and parents are expected to bring something to share. New participants are welcome to attend a trial session before joining ALCASA. Check ALCASA membership page here.

During the year we may also organise excursions or other activities on different times and in other venues. Participation requires booking at
(Page is updated closer to events’ dates)

ALCASA Cultural Workshops/Events

Held occasionally during the year, the ALCASA cultural workshop and events celebrate creativity and arts among Arabic speaking communities. We participate in major public events to create an awareness about the Arabic language and culture. We work in collaboration with local and interstate partners to screen more Arabic movies in South Australia. We draw on local talents to share through their arts, thoughts and creations about valuable aspects of the Arabic heritage. We are always on the look for new talents in a range of areas.

In 2018, most ALCASA regular activities are planned for the third Sunday of the month (starting from 18/02/2018). We are using a family friendly venue located in Unley. Due to limited venue capacity, interest in participating to all  activities should be confirmed prior to attendance by booking at