ALCASA Aflam: Ghadi



As part of our aflam program, ALCASA in partnership with the Lebanese Film Festival presented the Lebanese movie Ghadi at Mercury Cinema on Saturday 10/02/2018.

The 2018 ALCASA aflam attracted an awesome audience of 110 valued guests. Members of the audience mentioned they had already watched the movie many times but they still came to the ALCASA aflam, in order to enjoy the community spirit and to meet other Adelaideans interested in Arabic movies. We all enjoyed seeing each other for the first time in 2018, also we loved the discussion time before and after the movie.

Zainberi sweets, 2018 ALCASA aflam

Zainberi sweets, 2018 ALCASA aflam

A big thank you to ALCASA members and friends who provided the complementary tea and coffee and the home made sweets. We all enjoyed as well  the generous serves of healthy and nutritious delights courtesy of the newly established local business Zainberi.

Ghadi is a movie we will remember with a smile. Well crafted, with a message of tolerance and acceptance of others. It was selected in Lebanon as the Lebanese official Oscar nomination of the year. Ghadi, the movie, takes audiences on an emotional journey about a father’s love and dedication for his son. It is written and starred by Georges Khabbaz, a very talented artist: we adored the acting and the beautiful poetic script.

Please check the photos in our Facebook page Arabic In Adelaide.

Event supported by the Minister for Multicultural Affairs and DCSI SA

Fayrouz Ajaka


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ALCASA Movie Night, A Wedding In Ramallah

A Wedding in Ramallah, movie poster

A Wedding in Ramallah, movie poster

On Saturday 18/11/2017, I attended the ALCASA 2017 AGM with the election of the ALCASA 2018 Committee.

During the AGM discussion, I discovered a very passionate team, all keen in promoting and supporting the Arabic heritage in South Australia. The AGM was followed by a shared dinner before watching the Palestinian documentary “A Wedding In Ramallah”  (English and Arabic, 90 minutes, supplied by the National Film and Sound Archive).

Wedding in Ramallah was a touching film which depicts the harsh realities of domestic life in Palestine during war. The protagonist Bassam, agrees to an arranged marriage, with a woman named Mariam who struggles to adjust to the living circumstances of her husband’s overseas work, family, as well as in discovering her own identity. Overall, I highly recommend this to viewers who want to be engrossed in a film with a cultural twist!

Tania Zebian

ALCASA Movie Night, “On the Banks of the Tigris: the hidden story of Iraqi music

On Saturday 10 June 2017, ALCASA hosted the screening of the Award winning Australian documentary On the Banks of the Tigris: the Hidden Story of Iraqi Music. While waiting for all guests to arrive, we enjoyed Arabic coffee, Iraqi tea and home-made sweets donated by generous ALCASA members. We were delighted to have among our guests, Mrs Iraq Universal 2017, Roai Alanbari, and a number of Iraqi friends who were very happy to share, before and after the movie, their stories about their homeland. Check the event’s photos at ALCASA’s Facebook page Arabic In Adelaide.

Dr Minerva Nasser-Eddine, co-founder and member on ALCASA, introduced the movie in a thoroughly researched presentation. The movie retraces the journey of the narrator Majed Shokor who escaped from Iraq, and began yearning for the past and recalling fond childhood memories. During this journey, he discovered the songs he loved had a hidden story. Shokor travels around the world to meet exiled Iraqi musicians and organises a concert at London’s Barbican Centre where they all play and celebrate the Arabic music and songs they love.

For decades music, literature and art were a shared cultural heritage that flourished in the melting pot of Baghdad from the 1920s to the 1950s. The film explores the hidden history of Iraqi music and the cultural ties that still connect Jewish, Christian and Muslim Iraqis. As Majid Shokor aptly notes: “For Iraqis living in exile, these songs express our loss and longing for our homeland. ”

We were deeply touched by the movie’s story line. Many of us, had to leave our home countries looking for peaceful life. On The Banks of the Tigris depicted our struggle, always carrying our homeland within, no matter where we live now. Some of us are lucky enough to be free to move between cultures and geographical boundaries. Others are forcibly alienated from their own heritage. Despite the hurts and wrongs, Arts hold the key to transcend the experience, to unite us as humans.

We acknowledge the valuable support of the Minister of Multicultural Affairs, South Australian Government.

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Fayrouz Ajaka & Minerva Nasser-Eddine

ALCASA 2016 Sahra

The year ALCASA 2016 has ended with an amazing Sahra ( “سalcasas-2016_SAhra_1هرة” an entertaining evening in Arabic). Around 125 people, from Arabic and non-Arabic speaking background, have come to enjoy a true Arabic celebration.

If you know anything about Arabic celebrations, you would know this must include delicious food, music and dance! However, ALCASA is always keen to present the best and more.alcasa-26-of-118

The 2016 Sahra was preceded by a graduation ceremony for ALCASA Children’s group, with acting a story, playing games and handing in their folders of the whole year. The children were delighted and were showing pride of their achievements.

The 2016 Sahra opened with the amazing Zaffit SA, offering a dabke workshop (traditional dance), engaging adults and children to dance hand in alcasa-75-of-118hand. The workshop has attracted the children to go on stage and learn the dabke moves.

The awesome Arabic speaking artists, Rabih Aintarazi, Charlie Yarak, Raja Jamal Eddine, Raniah Daou and Nouha Raslan, have kindly performed well known Arabic songs to share their love to music and to Arabic culture.

Thanks to ALCASA long standing partners the Lebanese Film Festival (LFF Sydney, Australia), ALCASA was very pleased to be able to show two highly recommended and award winning short movies, Congratulations (Cynthia Sawma) and A Time In A Life (George Barbari).  Both movies have been the talk of the night! Bringing great movies to Adelaide in association with LFF Sydney, has been a great success in past ALCASA events, and this time was no difference.

As any Arabic celebration, there have been many shared plates which by itself was a fest! With food comes Arabic coffee, mint tea, sweets and good chats!alcasa-116-of-118

ALCASA had over the years made good relationships with local businesses. The 2016 Sahra received support as vouchers that were offered in a draw as raffle prizes to lucky guests. A huge thank you go to Abdul’s Kitchen, ME&Mr. Jones hair & more, Le Souk, Tea Tree Gully Chicken & Seafood Takeaway, Cafe Buongiorno (Cafe B) Modbury, Houda’s Kitchen, Plaza Pizza Bar, Je T’aime hair and beauty salon and Levant Eatery.

This year, has definitely been a great year for ALCASA, engaging more audience and bringing in more art, food workshops, dance and culture celebrations to the community. Not only the ALCASA 2016 Sahra was a good end-of-the-year event, but also it was a promise for a more entertaining programme in the near future!

We wish you a happy new year and hope to see you again in our upcoming events resuming in February 2017.

Nadia Sbahi

Photos courtesy of ALCASA members and friends including Darren Williams Photography

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ALCASA 2016 Sahra: Arabic dance, music and movies

We are delighted to launch the ALCASA end-of-the year 2016 Sahra, to be held at Nexus Arts ALCASA_2016_SahraCentre on Saturday 17/12.

The 2016 Sahra will start at 6:30 pm after a special celebration by the ALCASA Children’s group in the same venue. Please share the gorgeous poster (created by Yadura Design Studio) and keep an eye on the Facebook page Arabic In Adelaide for upcoming announcements.

With the help of amazing talented ALCASA members and friends, we are still finalising the planing for a very entertaining night, with Arabic dance, music, songs and two short movies.

We re inviting the audience to bring and share Arabic finger food during the night.

Booking at

ALCASA on Sunday 16/10/2016

On Sunday 16/10, a group of ALCASA members and friends attended the screening of the Lebanese movie “Bennesbeh labokra chou?” (What about tomorrow?) at Mercury Cinema.

The movie was written and staged as a theatrical play by Ziad Rahbani in 1978. This as a significant time for Lebanon.  In the heart of 2016_10_16_alcasa_ziadmovieBeirut where the outrageous civil war atrocities took place, Ziad decided to make the Lebanese laugh instead of trembling from fear and despair. His satire and subtle humor are still current and funny 38 years later. The movie has been sensitively recreated with substantial restoration of original Super 8 film footage shot.

Fayrouz Ajaka