Happy World Arabic Language Day in SA!

In 2020, the ALCASA team wished to celebrate for the first time the World Arabic Language Day in South Australia.

We partnered with the SA Migration Museum and planned a very exciting and engaging program to hold the event on Saturday 12/12/2020. Alas the eagerly anticipated event had to be cancelled following the development of the Covid19 cluster in Adelaide last month.

Despite the disappointing outcome, while planning for the event we consolidated relationships with a number of local Arabic speaking talented people and organisations. We are grateful for the support and contribution we received from everyone. We would love to maintain and grow these cherished relationships for future celebrations and events.

Happy World Arabic Language Day!

ALCASA on Sunday 16/10/2016

On Sunday 16/10, a group of ALCASA members and friends attended the screening of the Lebanese movie “Bennesbeh labokra chou?” (What about tomorrow?) at Mercury Cinema.

The movie was written and staged as a theatrical play by Ziad Rahbani in 1978. This as a significant time for Lebanon.  In the heart of 2016_10_16_alcasa_ziadmovieBeirut where the outrageous civil war atrocities took place, Ziad decided to make the Lebanese laugh instead of trembling from fear and despair. His satire and subtle humor are still current and funny 38 years later. The movie has been sensitively recreated with substantial restoration of original Super 8 film footage shot.

Fayrouz Ajaka