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By Yadura Design Studio

Members of the South Australian community have participated in ALCASA cooking workshop demonstrated by ALCASA members and friends Nadia, Grace, Doris, Dalal, Rua and Zain on last Sunday 18th September 2016.

ALCASA conducted a 60-minutes workshop in the Adelaide City Council’s Minor Works Building demonstrating how a variety of Arabic finger food were made and introduced the typical Arabic spices and ingredients. The 53 workshop participants had the opportunity to taste and share food from Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, Palestine, Jordan, Morocco and Yemen.

“We tried kleicha (dates stuffed in sweet dough), the famous zatar, Iraqi tea, hommus, Yemeni dessert and a few other treats,” says Renee from Intercultural Connections Australia.

The program – run as part of ALCASA’s Cultural Workshops series – aims to create greater understanding and appreciation for the Arabic culture.

ALCASA’s Chair Fayrouz Ajaka says the workshop was a very successful event and is grateful to all ALCASA members and members of public for their generous contribution and support.

“Thank you very much for everything you have done to make the success of the Food workshop. I was very touched by the great team work that happened on Sunday… We saw even the guests helping in packing up and cleaning to the last chair and the tiniest piece of dust on the floor!”

Sudas, a valued guest, says the event was lovely and ALCASA’s work is an inspiration for all.

“Thank you so much for the lovely day, the place was filled with enthusiasts who wanted to know more about language, culture and food. I loved your work, approach and all the friendly smiling faces.”

Our amazing presenters

Our amazing presenters

To see more photos check the event’s album on our Facebook Page Arabic In Adelaide.

The ALCASA Arabic Finger Food Workshop was kindly supported by:

Adelaide City Council Community Centres
ARGO On The Parade
Lovely Cake
Arabic Pages
Yadura Design Studio

Hafiz Abdul Nasir