Another great Arabic Conversation session yesterday, thanks to ALCASA’s members and to all participants.

The Advanced group enjoyed listening and discussing Ana’s story about how she started learning Arabic three years ago while in a field trip in Jordan. Who could imagine that anyone would be able to reach such fluency in Arabic in 3 years only!

The children’s group, made paper mosaic craft while they talked about the fruits they decorated, how they like them and their colour.

The beginners’ group practiced Arabic expressions for general introduction and greetings, also for speaking about the family and for offering and requesting drinks.

The highlight of the session was to watch how to make and sample a tasty “baba ghanouj” dip
بابا غَنّوج. Hassan with his children shared the experience. The children pressed the lemon juice and helped in mixing and adjusting the taste and we all enjoyed eating the dip afterward. A fun and a yummy experience!

Fayrouz Ajaka