Sahra Poster, designed by

Sahra Poster, designed by

We are thrilled to have received a tremendous support from Multicultural SA, and from Arabic speaking Community members and businesses.

The ALCASA Sahra project has received financial support from Multicultural SA, the generous Ola and Yasser Shahin and the trendy Argo on the Parade. We also benefited from a reduction in the cost of the venue hire at Nexus Multicultural Arts Centre. Furthermore, the Sahra promotion has been sponsored by Yadura Design and Argo on the Parade. During the Sahra night entertainment and catering partners are providing dance shows, live music and free traditional food and drinks (check the Sahra’s Sponsors page in ALCASA’s website).

We are looking forward to meeting with the Lebanese Film Festival (NSW) delegates  flying at their own expenses from Sydney to be part of our Sahra. The movies we have selected are quite promising for a fun filled viewing. Bahiya and Mahmoud (Drama, Comedy) depicts the life of an elderly couple who have fallen into the routine of bickering at each other until the day Bahiya does not come back home as usual. In Asfouri (Drama, Fiction), a young man goes back from USA to Lebanon with the dream of restoring the building where his grandparents once lived. It is the 90s, Lebanon is just getting over the civil war with plans for reconstruction and business development.  Both movies are award winners and feature talented Lebanese artists.

I hope that you have bought your tickets if you were planning to come as we have already sold out ALL the Sahra tickets. We apologise if you missed out and we hope to be able to embark again in another Arabic movie screening project in the near future.

Fayrouz Ajaka