What a great session we had on Sunday 17 April with an eclectic mix ALCASA Children's Group, 17/04/2016of people from Arabic speaking cultures, along with others from various backgrounds and a range of ages. The native Arabic speakers are such a help to those of us learning Arabic.  Thank you so much!

After fun and games with the children, we adults took turns to introduce ourselves in Arabic, and shared about where we live, our work and what we like.  We had a few newcomers, so this was helpful. Then we moved into smaller groups to work through Arabic dialogue – this month it was about going to the movies. It is a relaxed atmosphere where native Arabic speakers get to share their own language and we learners get to practice speaking Arabic. 

This is perhaps the most difficult part of learning a new language – having the confidence to actually speak it, but our Arabic friends are very patient with us.  Don’t be afraid to come along and join these sessions – learning Arabic is not easy but the more you know about it, the more you realise that it is a very rich and beautiful language.  And it is not just about learning Arabic, it is about sharing and celebrating our different cultures.

By Sue Young