CaptureOn Sunday 15 May, the adults group focused on city places and giving directions. We practised a conversation scenario where a lady asks a person on the street for directions to the Nile Hotel. We were able to practise this in both Fusha and Ammiyya. Thank you Sue for creating the original role play text in Ammiyya and Fayrouz for translating them into Fusha so we Arabic language learners have the opportunity to learn and practise both!

We worked in pairs and also practised giving directions to our homes. We drew a map before describing the directions which was a lot of fun! Then we had a short discussion on common words that we could use in both Fusha and Ammiyya when giving directions. Some of these words are “about” حَوَالي and “continue”  كَفّي .

We enjoyed the session and look forward to the next one. If you’re interested to learn and practise Arabic, come along to the next session! We are always looking for more people to come along to our sessions. Do send us an email to let us know if you’re coming!

Hafiz Abdul-Nasir