CarlyAlsionMatthewALCASA members were delighted to have been given the opportunity to participate in the 2014 Nowruz ALCASA Sign Nowruz Festival 2014Middle Eastern Festival at the Adelaide Festival Centre on Saturday 22/03/2014.

Although Nowruz is not an Arabic flavoured festival, the occasion is widely celebrated under different names by Arabic speaking people to mark the beginning of Spring in the northern hemisphere, eg. “shem en-nessim” شَم النسيم  in Egypt or عيد الربيع  for other Arabic speaking communities.

In Adelaide the event had brought together hundreds of South Australians to enjoy a beautiful sunny day in the outdoor area beside the gorgeous Adelaide Festival centre. Many festival goers stopped to enquire about ALCASA language learning and cultural programme. Everyone was very excited to learn few Arabic words and to have their names written for them in Arabic.

A fantastic day was enjoyed by all, many thanks to the Migrant Resource Centre officers and volunteers who organised and managed the event.  Huge thanks go also to the dedicated ALCASA members, who decorated ALCASA stall, provided Middle Eastern sweet for fund raising and managed the stall during the day.

ALCASA Stand Nowruz Festival 2014     PhotosALCASA_Address 

Fayrouz Ajaka