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The Arabic Language and Culture Association of South Australia (ALCASA) was founded in late 2012 and was formed in response to an identified need to promote cultural awareness and respect for diversity in South Australian communities. Our goals are to build bridges between Arabic speaking communities and the wider Australian Community through the development of community education projects that celebrate cultural diversity and enhance greater understanding and appreciation for Arabic language and culture.Our aims are to promote and preserve the Arabic culture and language in South Australia and address the needs of the South Australian Arabic speaking communities through:

  • the development and facilitation of culture events, language classes, festivals and workshops and/or conferences that address identified needs in the community;
  • the promotion of research into the distinctive linguistic and cultural aspects of the Arabic-speaking communities of South Australia;
  • publishing cultural and linguistic information about the Arabic-speaking communities of South Australia;
  • the advocacy for more accurate media representation of Arabic cultural issues;
  • enhancing cultural sensitivity and promoting multicultural initiatives and activities.

Our main current activity consists in holding monthly informal meetups targeted toward non-Arabic and Arabic speaking members of the South Australian community. In addition, we host sometimes cultural events in partnership with local and interstate cultural organisations. We also participate in occasional public multicultural events held in Adelaide. For detailed information explore our News pages.