Arabic may be an exceptionally difficult language for non-native speakers but for some members of the public, this idea has not stopped them from being introduced to a new language and culture.

ALCASA held an introduction to the Arabic language and culture at the Adelaide City Library off Rundle Mall on the 13th February last month as part of its community bridging project.

Volunteers enthusiastically presented about the diversity of the Arabic Speaking World and the Arabic letters and sounds. Participants found some Arabic sounds unique and were provided an opportunity to spell their names in Arabic. This was a challenging experience for participants but an alphabet chart that showed the initial, middle and final forms of each alphabet aided participants in spelling their names.

Participants enjoyed learning some basic greetings, useful ‘easy-to-learn’ expressions and the experiences of some ALCASA members in learning Arabic.

ALCASA hopes to offer another introduction to Arabic workshop in the near future.

Heartfelt thanks to Ahmed, Andrew, Carly, Fayrouz, Hafiz, Mary and Sue for their time in volunteering at this event.

Marie & Andrew

Marie and Andrew show and tell their art collection with Arabic calligraphy

Hafiz Abdul Nasir