ALCASA Chilren’s Group, movie making time!

ALCASA Children's Group
ALCASA Children’s Group

ALCASA Children’s Group held their first session of 2018 on Sunday 18/02.  It was a very productive start, with a song to learn, an Arabic story to read and movie making time.

Learning the song, the children were very creative with making dance moves to go with it. I guess it was very challenging for the parents to follow, but lots of fun and laughter.

We also had a book to read, Around the World حول العالم. One of the children was happy to present the story to the group and the parents helped with reading the words and exploring the sounds. The children even managed to write many words on their new scrapbooks dedicated to all the Arabic they will learn in 2018!

ALCASA Children's Group
ALCASA Children’s Group

Movie making was the hit of the day. The children formed teams, made props from plasticine, small toy animals and Lego pieces. They created their movie story using the vocabulary from the book we read, then they took pictures and recorded their voices to make their movie!

Being at the new location and all what it offers from space, music instruments, a playground, and even an Table Tennis room, made the event a full fun day. As every event in ALCASA ends with delicious shared bites, what a good end that was for those tired, hungry happy kids!

We all are looking forward for our next sessions on every third Sunday of the month from 1:30 to 3:00

For booking and more info about upcoming ALCASA events follow the link.

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