ALCASA Aflam: Ghadi


As part of our aflam program, ALCASA in partnership with the Lebanese Film Festival presented the Lebanese movie Ghadi at Mercury Cinema on Saturday 10/02/2018.

The 2018 ALCASA aflam attracted an awesome audience of 110 valued guests. Members of the audience mentioned they had already watched the movie many times but they still came to the ALCASA aflam, in order to enjoy the community spirit and to meet other Adelaideans interested in Arabic movies. We all enjoyed seeing each other for the first time in 2018, also we loved the discussion time before and after the movie.

Zainberi sweets, 2018 ALCASA aflam
Zainberi sweets, 2018 ALCASA aflam

A big thank you to  ALCASA members and friends who provided the complementary tea and coffee and the home made sweets. We all enjoyed as well  the generous serves of healthy and nutritious delights courtesy of the newly established local business Zainberi.

Ghadi is a movie we will remember with a smile. Well crafted, with a message of tolerance and acceptance of others. It was selected by Lebanon as its official Oscar nomination and takes audiences on an emotional journey about a father’s love and dedication for his son. The movie is written and starred by Georges Khabbaz,  a very talented artist: we adored the acting and the beautiful poetic script.

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Event supported by the Minister for Multicultural Affairs and DCSI SA

Fayrouz Ajaka


Posted by Arabic In Adelaide on Sunday, 11 February 2018